Cara Murphy is an acclaimed contemporary silversmith, creating a silver landscape for the table.

The landscape of tableware: questioning contexts, boundaries and function in silverware.

Using traditional silversmithing techniques the work addresses the concept of a silver landscape in the context of the table that challenges the boundaries of functional silver tableware.

Inspired by the natural environment the work has a sculptural presence focusing on how the pieces interact with the table and metaphorically 'grow' from it. The sculptural silver forms aim to challenge the users' established knowledge of silverware by not always having an obvious function and question the user's perception of functionality by requiring user interaction to discover the function of the piece. The work is enhanced by user participation, resulting in constantly evolving work - creating a movement, sometimes physical, sometimes visual, which can be determined by the user. The use of silver evokes a sense of ritual and ceremony.

Functionality has always been a fundamental aspect of the work and for several pieces the driving force behind it. Working with a variety of materials, predominately silver, the work investigates the organic grown form. Through the context of the dining table the work aims to create a focus for the table that interacts with other objects or stands sculpturally in isolation.