Trap Infuse Spring Spring Detail Cross Candleholders Candleholders Menisci Contour Contour - Blotter Detail Contour - Detail Contour - Detail Disperse Disperse - Detail Nurture Crevice Crevice - Detail Crevice - Detail Ridge Ridge - Detail Immerse Immerse - Detail Meniscus Meniscus - Detail Seed Heads - Circle Seed Heads - Wave Seed Heads - Detail Rangers Football Club Seed Drills Seed Drills Detail Swaying Reflections Swaying Reflections Detail Gathered Pebbles Gathered Pebbles Detail Anticlastic Growth Anticlastic Growth Growing Reflections Growing Reflections Detail Evolution Evolution Detail Swaying Grasses Swaying Grasses 02 Swaying Grasses Detail Gathered Lava Gathered Lava Detail 01 Gathered Lava Detail 02 Furrows Furrows Detail Beachcomber Beachcomber Detail Perch Perch Detail The Field The Field Detail Family

Photographs by David Pauley @ The Studio, Belfast